Liefdesgedicht: Acceptance

I met you in a mystic place

You took one wink to woo me over

You laid your body next to mine

And I found myself a lover


What you arouse in me is magical

Unexpected, phenomenal

I want you around so much, so much

If just our fingertips could touch


You told me you’d felt this way for a while too

It wasn’t like I told you something new

And yet it came as such a surprise,

My feelings reflected in your eyes


And oh I learn so much from you

From the things you don’t say and don’t do

You teach me to be patient, you teach me just to sit

To let it all just happen, I’m learning bit by bit


You can stare at me for hours, look here, into my eyes

You genuinely covet me; so young, and yet so wise 

I find it hard not to rush things, it’s in my nature, I want to resolve

I can’t stand having loose ends, but I can’t seem to move now, my love


I have to live in the moment, no rush, no strategy, no plan

Acceptance is my life’s mission now, please stay with me till the end



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